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GearMaker (involute gear)  $Free

GearMaker will generate an involute gear tooth profile.  You can then save the tooth profile to a dxf file to be able to complete the gear.  The profile is created based on enter in number of teeth, diametral pitch, pressure angle.  After creating the profile it will display the root, base, pitch and outside diameter and addendum, dedendum and tooth spacing.


AppCad (a basic cad program)  $Free

AppCad is a basic cad package.  I is now new beta testing.  Looking for feedback and suggestions on features.  This is a free package while in beta.  Once testing is complete the price will be under $50.  It does have the ability to draw 3D.  The finished version will have true shape nesting.


CNC Pad (Gcode Editor)  $29.97


CNC Pad is an easy to use G code editor with syntax code coloring.  CNC Pad has specific tools like go to line number and book marking lines.  You can cut and paste code from one instance to another.  If the NC file has been changed in an outside source while the file is opened, CNC Pad will post a message the file has changed.   Compare one file to another and will highlight the differences.


ParaNest (Rectangular nesting)  $47.00

ParaNest is an easy to use parametric nesting application.   ParaNester will reduce cost and waste with high nest efficiency and reusable cut offs.  Create DXF fils and G code using VB Scripts.  Import data from a csv file (comma separated value).  Sample scripts incude MDF doors and saving to csv file.  Eliminate drawing errors by having ParaNester draw the parts for you.


Vectric Gadgets  $Free

A gadget is an external add-in program for Aspire or Vcarve Pro which performs a specific task. New gadgets are simply copied to the "Gadgets" folder and when the program is restarted are available from the Gadgets menu.   Included Gadgets are Center Line, Chip load calculator, Epicycloid, Fluter, Gear Maker,Spiral, Square Around, Tangents